I got referred to Dr.Wise from a friend when I was looking for help with my newborn baby that was suffering from colic. We had tried everything and were just about at our wits end when I took him in to see Dr.Wise. He took his time with his exam and explained everything to me before he did which helped put my new momma nerves at ease. I am not lying or exaggerating when I say this, it was the first night in about a month that my son didn't spend 3-4 hours screaming and crying. He was a totally different baby! I'm so thankful that I got recommended to go see Dr.Wise and would refer any of my friends or family to go in to see him too! Thank you so much!!!

Toneeka Culpepper


I was skeptical about going to a Chiropractor; I was a naysayer about chiropractors. I had lower back pain, and my first visit was the week of Thanksgiving. I knew with the Holidays that this pain was only going to get worse. Dr. Wise was recommended by several friends - and after a few adjustments I have no back pain. This naysayer is now a firm beiever, and I thank Dr. Wise for being so patient with me!!!

Joan Chadwick


My son is very active playing football and basketball. He has the aches and pains that come with playing sports. Dr. Wise has helped him tremendously numerous times. About a month ago, after one of his basketball games he said he was hurting pretty bad. His dad and I both said, "Son you are going to hurt at times when you play sports." We said this because there was no obvious time in his game when he had fallen or appeared to have gotten hurt. I noticed the next morning that he seemed to be having trouble standing up straight. He texted me from school and said, "Mom I can't breathe good." So I immediately called Dr. Wise's office, and they were able to work him in. Immediately, Dr. Wise was able to determine that my son had a rib out of place. Oh my goodness, I felt like a horrible Mom that I had brushed off his pain when he was in extreme pain. Dr. Wise had me feel where the rib was misplaced. I was in shock. However, after putting the rib back in place through adjustments, my son was back playing basketball within two days. I am very thankful for Dr. Wise and how he has helped my son during his aches and pains playing sports.

~ Paige Turner

Several months ago while in Houston somehow I managed to twist my back to the point that the pain was so severe it sent me to my knees. I was unable to even stand up without help. I had to catch a plane later in the day and had to get help at the hotel to load my luggage in the rental car. I had to have assistance to board the plane and somehow I managed to get back home. With help from my wife I managed to get in the house and to bed hoping things would clear up the next day. WRONG that didn't help at all. I had heard about Dr. Wise from a neighbor and managed to basically crawl to his office. Yes I was also one that had never been to a Chiropractor and at this point I would try anything to get relief. Well long story short, I hobbled in and walked out standing tall with very little pain. After a couple of visits the pain went away and I managed to hit the golf course and returned to my "normal" routine. I travel a lot by air and car and his treatment made it all possible. I can't explain how (as I am not a Doctor) nor do I care I just know that I put my trust and back in Jon's hands and it worked great. The care, the understanding and his willingness to listen to my issues and his excellent treatment gave me back what I had thought might be lost forever. I am a believer and Jon made it all happen.

~ Jack Foster

I was a skeptic.  I mean how in the world could a chiropractor help my child?  My daughter has headaches/migraines and has for years.  The only relief I knew to give her was Tylenol or ibuprofen which only worked part of the time.  I never realized there was an easier and better option out there for her.  I had a few friends who had told me I should take her to the chiropractor but I still just could not imagine that helping her.  I may have never taken her if it was not for my experience at a basketball game one night.  My daughter had another headache and did not think she was going to be able to play.  The coach from the other team, Dr. Wise, came over when he heard she was not feeling well.  He asked if he could work on her for a minute.  As hard as it is to believe within just a few minutes he gave her relief and she was able to play the game.  Yes it sounds crazy but I am a true believer in Dr. Wise.  I could tell you multiple occasions where he has helped my daughter.  We go now even when she does not have a headache to just help her to feel good.  She loves to go because of the way it makes her feel afterwards.  I am very protective of my children and would not just let anybody work on them but I would and do trust Dr. Wise with them.  He is caring, friendly, and always willing to help.  So thank you Dr. Wise for giving my daughter something that no one else has been able to. 

 ~ Jamie Richards


All I ever wanted was a family. My husband and I started trying to have a baby a year after we were married. We were so excited at first, but then a year rolled by with no success. We decided it was time to head to the doctor. I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and Endometriosis and put on fertility medications. So many people don't understand what it feels like to ride the roller coaster ride of infertility. You take the medications on the specified days, have your blood drawn, be told "you're not pregnant, lets up your dose," and start all over again every month for two years. I also had a laparoscopy, ovarian drilling, and a biopsy. I was moody, depressed and the medications made my stomach upset all the time. I was taking the maximum dose of three medications. After two years of this, my husband and I decided it was time to call it quits.

After another two years without medications, a friend told me that Dr. Wise had helped make her female cycles regular and that I should talk to him. I met with him and he took the time to explain to me how the spine works. I came to realize just how important it is for your whole body (including you reproductive organs) that your spine be in alignment. After the first week, my cycle returned. I was hopeful, but after five years of disappointment I was afraid to think I could get pregnant. On Christmas Day, four months after first visiting Dr. Wise, I found out that I was pregnant! If I had known it could be this easy, I would have gone to the Chiropractor first.

I continued to see Dr. Wise throughout my pregnancy because I knew that it could also help against miscarriage and help ease some of the discomfrt that can come from being pregnant. Thank you Dr. Wise!

~ Candice Jarrett

There are no words to express the joy and gratitude I feel when I see my son being a normals and healthy child, which I have never been able to see. I am so thankful God placed you in his life. I get so excited about my son that I forget about me- I have never felt so good as I so now after being adjusted. I honestly thought I would have to live with my pain. Thank you for all you do. God Bless!

~ Swims Family

When I first started going to Dr. Wise I was in pretty bad shape. My lower back pain was so bad that any movement such as bending or twisting would cause severe pain. I would have to walk on my tip-toes to help ease the pain and help me walk. I also suffered from headaches, sinus problems, and hip pain. But since I have started seeing Dr. Wise I have seen enormous improvement in all areas. Dr. Wise and his staff have been so kind to me and they really show how much they care. I would recommend Dr. Wise to anyone who needs help with their body pains. There is help and hope.

~ Carol Sue Foust

I found out from Dr. Wise in May of 2008 that I have scoliosis. Dr. Wise took x-rays and found that my spine was crooked. He begane performing adjustments on a regular basis. When I went back in August of 2008 for another x-ray, you could see the improvements in my spine, it was much straighter. Thanks to Dr. Wise, my spine will be straight and not hurt me when I get older.

~ Dana Bunch

Dear Dr. Wise,

My husband and I would like to say thank you for helping our little girl. Our baby, Erin, was only six weeks old when we first brought her to you. She had already been through so much. At four weeks of age, she was diagnosed with acid reflux. It kept her up all through the night coughing and gagging. We had to hold her in an upright position just to keep her from choking. She was inconsolable as she cried from the pain. She was unable to keep anything in her stomach. Each time she ate, it was only a matter of minutes before she experienced projectile vomiting and lost everything she had just taken in. At times, the acid would be so strong, her throat would get sore and her sweet little voice would become hoarse. Her pediatrician worried that her health might suffer and her weight gain might decrease. He prescribed Zantac twice daily for her. However, this did not help her symptoms. The doctor than suggested that we start giving her Prevacid. At six weeks of age, we were hesitant to give her anything stronger and began to search for alternative treatment. After much research and talking to other parents who had been through similar situations, we discovered that chiropractic care was a wonderful possibility that just might give our daughter some relief.

After coming highly recommended and learning that you had daughters of your own that you helped, we decided to bring our baby to you. We were instantly put at ease when we met with you and hopeful that you could indeed help us. After a complete evaluation and adjustment on Erin, we were on our way home. We instantly noticed that she seemed to feel less irritable and more settled. With Erin's next feeding, we watched closely to see how she would react. Much to our surprise, she kept everything down! as the day progressed we could definitely see a difference in her. She was much more content, even cooing for the first time. She stopped vomiting completely! After sleeping soundly through the entire first night we knew that chiropractic treatment was going to work.

Erin was symptom free for two more days. Remembering you had told us that it might take a few treatments for her to completely feel better, we brought her back a couple of days later. Her symptoms had not fully returned, but looked as though they might start to surface again. After just one more treatment she was once again the happy little girl that we had seen just a few days earlier. Since that second adjustment she has been one hundred percent better and we couldn't be happier.

We know that Erin could have a relapse and just might need more adjustments in the future. But the relief that she received from her chiropractic care is priceless. For anyone who is leery of having their little ones treated this way, I fully recommend that they try it. It helped our daughter to the extent that she no longer needs any medication and is free of all symptoms that she suffered from. As parents, we would give anything to take the pain away from our child and you helped us do that. For that we couldn't be more grateful. Every time she smiles that beautiful smile we know we made the right choice in bringing her to you and entrusting her health to you.

Thank you with all our hearts,

~ Matthew and Alicia Eggley 


Dear Dr. Wise,

I wanted to take this opportunity to write this testimonial for any parent out there that could benefit in the way that we have from chiropractic care.

Our son, Seth, now 7 yrs old has been a wild child since conception!

He has never eaten well, slept well...or behaved well. All of which left us scratching our heads, blaming ourselves, and asking the questions: What are we doing so wrong with this child...or is this how every little boy is?

It started in pre-school with never being able to concentrate or to stay focused...then onto Kindergarten&where we made all the excuses that we could. Then around the second week of school this year after getting 2 trips to the principal and 6 notes home in one week&we knew something had to give.

When we as parents worship these beautiful gifts that God has so blessed us to have&why in the world..how in the world could we possibly drug up our child...just so he can sit still in class??? Not an option for us!

Being long time patients of Dr. Wise and having the stress of the world on my shoulders and pouring my heart out to him one day about Seth, he simply asked me to consider letting him get adjusted. To be honest, I never even realized that I could&but we would do anything at this point, as any loving parent would do, just to help our son to be as wonderful as we knew he could be!

So, we started slowly and easily. Displaying a small deal of fearfulness to start. Seth immediately took to Dr, Wise and that wonderful, happy personality that he possesses. Then it became our special trip to see Dr. Wise and feel better...and actually do better in school the next day. Seth now beams with the praise he receives about his behavior in school.

We talked about regular visits and his diet. Dr. Wise suggested some options for us...cutting out A LOT of the sugar first and foremost, which was a challenge, but the rewards outweigh the challenge.

We are proud to say..That now after about 6 steady weeks of visits, we have a well behaved, loving, sweet, and sleeping thru the night in a restful sleep, HONOR ROLL student, and very happy little boy!!! One that has not had a note home or email from the teacher, or bad report from the sitter. He does as he is told the first time and gunuinely seems to be so much happier!

I don't even know where to begin to thank Dr Wise. My heart just fills with joy at the progress that Seth has made, and I know without a doubt that it was with his help and guidance.

I hope this letter may help another parent that is out there struggling with what we were.

With all of our gratitude,

~ Bryon and Kellie Reeves

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